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A New Low In The War Against The Poor

A New Low In The War Against The Poor


In some places around the US, living in your car is now being criminalized. The war against the poor has hit an all-time low.

1) Outtro by Becks and The Bullets
2) Intro by Devilz Speciez
3) Read the full article this episode is based on – Criminalizing People Who Live in Cars Is a New Low in the War on the Poor


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Effective Immediately: France Bans All GMO Cultivation

Effective Immediately: France Bans All GMO Cultivation

The French National Assembly has made a sweeping declaration with a new bill, effective immediately. No more genetically modified crops.

On Tuesday, the French lower house of parliament adopted a law immediately banning cultivation of any GMO corn, due to environmental safety concerns.

Recently, they also made a halt decree to prohibit planting the only GM crop allowed in the EU – Monsanto’s…

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The Importance of Meditation

The Importance of Meditation

Meditation is helpful for the body, it stills anxiety, and is generally beneficial. This is scientifically proven. So there are many reasons to meditate. There is no doubt that it can help stress, depression, and anxiety. It is helpful for the emotional problems of daily life, and when things go wrong it opens the heart and makes you more aware. When awareness rises, so does wisdom, and the…

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The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires As a Means for Furthering Peace

The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires As a Means for Furthering Peace

by Nikola Tesla – January 7th, 1905

UNIVERSAL PEACE, assuming it to be in the fullest sense realizable, might not require eons for its accomplishment, however probable this may appear, judging from the imperceptibly slow growth of all great reformatory ideas of the past. Man, as a mass in movement, is inseparable from sluggishness and persistence in his life manifestations, but it does not follow…

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Fukushima radiation killing our children, govt hides truth - former mayor

Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futaba, a town near the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant, is warning his country that radiation contamination is affecting Japan’s greatest treasure – its children.

Asked about government plans to relocate the people of Fatuba to the city of Iwaki, inside the Fukushima prefecture, Idogawa criticized the move as a “violation of human rights.”

Compared with…

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